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Seasons of Thankfulness ~ Poets Round Table no. 196

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Seasons of Thankfulness ~ Poets Round Table 196

Every time that I feel, the pain of living
each day, with its overwhelming nature,
I wonder if life is worth surviving.
And yet, I sit and think—and know the cure;
for all around me is beauty so pure.
There’s so much to be thankful for;
so much of what this world is—at its core.

Take a moment, notice the little things;
beauty in a sunset, puppy’s soft kiss,
unstirred silence, then the songbird, he sings.
Quiet and still your soul, else you may miss
all these special things that will bring you bliss.
A gentle heart is a contented heart;
and being thankful is a perfect start.

Majestic mountains that reach to the sky;
or the valleys that are so full of green.
Seeing the beauty in our world—I sigh.
The sound of an eagle’s cry—loud and keen;
deeply thankful for all that I have seen.
Strong winds blow—while the waves crash at the sea.
Everything brings gratitude to me.

Reasons abound to be filled with great cheer:
Each new breath draws life, a new chance to feel
To the fullest, ev’ry day of the year,
The hope that is kindled from a warm meal;
The joy we discover when love is real;
And the peace we can know by holding fast—
Seasons may change, but Thanksgiving will last.

The Thankful Ones:

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The Poets Round Table is a weekly event. If anyone would care to join in the process, just check in with D J Myke.


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