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Poets’ Round Table No. 214 – April Fools

Poets’ Round Table No. 214 – April Fools!

You don’t know what I’m up to, I’m not giving you a clue
though it should be understood, that I intend to get you good
be on your toes and be aware – I may be bold, I may not play fair
remember that there are no rules, when it comes to April Fools.

Watch what you eat or what you drink, I will get you before you think
Change the clocks, hide the date, spin you a yarn that makes you late
This day was made to plot and plan, I dare you to catch me if you can
Because you see, I’m the master! My goal is to get you faster!

A harmless prank, a simple joke, laughter it will stoke
you’ll never know where or when, but come the hour, you’ll know then
deceit will come in truth’s disguise, and right before your eyes
you may not know it, you may not see, but I’ll get you for doubting me.

A riddle or laughter to bestow, only the best for my beau
I have not forgotten your past pranks, dirty rotten
and I’ve found a gift so exquisite, wrapped up in a fool’s visit
to be opened especially by you – do you trust me, my boo?

Look! There’s nothing up my sleeve; for you I won’t deceive.
I’m not a joker, I promise. Your fears you will dismiss.
And yet, on this day of high-jinx you really shouldn’t blink
I’ll have the last laugh yet…at least ‘til next year, I bet.

Jokesters: (Dahlia) (Joanie) (Ev) (Leta/Island Bronze) (The Falcon’s Ghost)

Master Plotter: (DJ Myke)


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Seasons of Thankfulness ~ Poets Round Table no. 196

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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Seasons of Thankfulness ~ Poets Round Table 196

Every time that I feel, the pain of living
each day, with its overwhelming nature,
I wonder if life is worth surviving.
And yet, I sit and think—and know the cure;
for all around me is beauty so pure.
There’s so much to be thankful for;
so much of what this world is—at its core.

Take a moment, notice the little things;
beauty in a sunset, puppy’s soft kiss,
unstirred silence, then the songbird, he sings.
Quiet and still your soul, else you may miss
all these special things that will bring you bliss.
A gentle heart is a contented heart;
and being thankful is a perfect start.

Majestic mountains that reach to the sky;
or the valleys that are so full of green.
Seeing the beauty in our world—I sigh.
The sound of an eagle’s cry—loud and keen;
deeply thankful for all that I have seen.
Strong winds blow—while the waves crash at the sea.
Everything brings gratitude to me.

Reasons abound to be filled with great cheer:
Each new breath draws life, a new chance to feel
To the fullest, ev’ry day of the year,
The hope that is kindled from a warm meal;
The joy we discover when love is real;
And the peace we can know by holding fast—
Seasons may change, but Thanksgiving will last.

The Thankful Ones:

The Falcon:

D J Myke:

The Poets Round Table is a weekly event. If anyone would care to join in the process, just check in with D J Myke.


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