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Day after night, night after day
I yearn to be with you (regardless of the cost);
to hear your heart beat next to mine,
to feel your lips brush against mine
as I taste your breath—so intoxicating.
For you are the one, the only one
I know matches my soul.
You are the lantern, guiding me
upon the path of love;
showing me the intricacies
of everything it can be.
You are the symphony
that resonates deep within
the very core of my being;
sweeping me along,
lifting me to the very gates of heaven.

I check off each box upon the calendar;
count down the seconds, until I can once again
fly upon the wings of my desire,
at the speed of light back to you.
I rejoice—my heart bursts with
untold emotion as I behold you there.
We belong together.
We are two pieces separated for so long,
and yet (with no effort) we fit perfectly.

Time speeds up.
Relativity betrayed
as life invades,
and responsibility cannot be denied.
I must go back and suffer
separation for however brief
(or not so briefly) it may be.
For every time I leave,
I feel another piece of me
ripped away, left with you,
as I cry…knowing that one day
there’ll be no more separation.
One day we’ll be together – forever
in body as well as soul.

It is that knowledge that sustains
me through the dark days alone.
It is the knowledge
that eventually all I am
will be left with you, and none
will be left to go away.
Life will no longer conspire
to keep us apart.

Until that day my dear,
I’ll continue counting those seconds,
checking those boxes,
and leaving pieces of me
for you to keep safe.

© August 9, 2011 CRF


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The Awakening (blogophilia)

The Awakening

Wandering aimlessly through life
as the half-healed wounds of the past, bleeding
scarlet, fester and break open anew.
These wounds I barely remember
incurring, assault my thoughts
through memories dark and deprived.
These wounds—insomnia inducing—remind
me of all that I lack.

And yet, I kept searching…for something,
someone to make it better, a connection
that would transcend space and time,
place a salve upon this scarlet-tinged
trauma, so that the gashes
upon my psyche disappear—I heal.

I found that in you, a shining beacon
of love and hope. A gentle soul
that gives so much, yet asks so little;
only desiring a confirmation
that your sending of love
has been delivered.
IT HAS—in so many ways
I could never enumerate:
in the soft giggles over a phone line,
in the bombardment of emotes
interspersed with the abbreviated
English of cyber-speech.

I could never mistake your love.
For it has saved me,
from the pain of the past.
It has reminded me
of what life can be.
It has freed me
to live for today,
and desire to reach tomorrow.
And in so doing, it has awoken
the beast—that is my own
passionate love for you.

© March 5, 2011 CRF


This has been written for the blogophilia writing group that originated on MySpace and has somewhat continued on Facebook.

I chose the topic Connections that Can Heal and used bonus options of

1) mention insomnia, 2) include cyberspeech, 3) include confirmation of delivery and 4) use the color scarlet twice.

I promise all are in there, though some are expanded or rearranged in words for poetic license.


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For so long I stayed wrapped up
deep within the cocoon
I formed; a victim
of my own misplaced trust.
Or, was it just tattered
from years of abuse,
as I willingly opened up
…only to be betrayed.

I started out so innocent—naïve,
only to become jaded—unwilling
or unable to reach out any more.
Too often had I been misled;
too often, had I bled;
I pledged—victim never more.
And so I was alone—ever more.

But then you came, from nowhere;
opened my eyes to everywhere,
as you mended my broken shards;
showed me, that not all life
is doomed to be hard.
Some joys still remain.

You took that chance,
made that first step,
braved the inevitable pain
and trusted me…with your heart.
You showed me just what was missing.
You gave me, the most beautiful,
yet tender part of you;
and in so doing, awoke me
to the land of the living.

In you, I’ve relearned trust…
With you, I’ve set aside the dust.
Because of you—I broke free
spread my wings, and fly again.

© October 6, 2010 CRF


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My Light (XXV)

My Light

I sit back and ponder—fondly with a permanent grin
the beautiful, perfect you…and I wonder
just how I became so lucky to have found you.
For it was you who reached out in my darkest days;
it was you who pulled me from that miasma,
wrapped your arms around me—kissed me,
and in so doing, freed me from despair.
You showed me the light…no, you are my light.
You shine down on me, day and night;
you, my sun and moon, warm me in your glow.
Your sparkling eyes, beaming with love, alight on me.
Your tender smile, with all it promises, delights me.
Your warm embrace comforts me with the promise
that here I belong…here, in your arms, I am home.
For it is more than a promise, together as one
we’re destined to be, for all eternity;
together, as one, just you and me.

You’ve shown me that I am deserving of love,
and in return, I know, though you protest,
you deserve it too. You, my darling,
my Light, my Life, my World.

© September 25, 2010 CRF


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The Call (XXIII)

The Call

Late one dark and lonely night
I received a call to my delight.
A voice I hadn’t heard in years,
rang out, it nearly brought me tears.
And though at first it eluded thought,
a name to go along, I caught.
And as I did we rambled on,
our years apart, we caught up on.
And now it seems we’re friends again,
though in truth, we’ve always been.
For though the miles have kept us apart,
here you’ll always be, right in my heart.
Friends we were from the start.
Friends we’ll be till life departs.

© September 23, 2010 CRF


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The Story’s Just Begun (XV)

The Story’s Just Begun

It’s been twelve months since our story began;
when your words reached out, enveloping me
with love and promise. No flash in the pan,
these feelings we share, they have set me free.
Finally, with you I feel like a man,
unfettered…unlocked, for you held the key.
Awakening me with one simple kiss;
releasing me, from darkness into bliss.

You’ve shown me a world that I never thought
existed; woke my hidden desires.
Like a moth to flame, in love I’m caught,
willingly jumping into the fire
of your passion, knowing it’s what I sought.
These feelings that you’ve instilled—inspire
me to write of our story, as words gush
from my soul in such a maddening rush.

Our stories pour forth, as our lives unfold.
Chapters filled with imagery tantalize,
these scents, sights and sounds, a joy to behold.
When I met you it was such a surprise,
yet without you…this life would be untold;
its total meaning compromised.
This diary’s pages have been unlocked;
revealed to us all…our senses unblocked.

For each day is like a walk in the park;
the sun shines, the birds chirp, and the breeze blows,
and with you I sit, long after it’s dark.
My heart stills, in the peace that I now know
while sitting with you. Cupid found his mark.
And so they say that’s how love really goes,
not with a whimper, but with an explosion,
as eyes alight with the flames of passion.

Sitting here, my emotion increases,
next to you, so that even if I knew
tomorrow the world would go to pieces
I would still plant my apple tree
, or two
to show our love has a sustained-release.
For there is no future, except with you.
That’s the way that I want it, forever.
Me and you, two become one together.

One whole year—time has come and time has gone,
ticking away, sometimes fast…sometimes slow.
And though I hope, the ending’s not forgone,
In love as in life, we reap what we sow,
and so from dawn to dusk and back to dawn,
burning love for you I will always show.
Our story together has much to write,
filled with oh so many nights of delight.

© September 15, 2010 CRF

Happy Anniversary Lissa!

This was written for the challenge at blogophilia at MySpace


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